Modern Bau-Biology and Healthy Office Design

Bau-BiologyBau-Biology is the science in modern day office design of creating healthy houses and offices.

One must take into account integrative lifestyle design when planning and designing office and home spaces. You must take into account how the space will be utilized. You must take into account who will be using the space. You must take into account how to maximize efficiency. When designing offices, cubicles and homes, one must determine what is staying  and what is going. Are you keeping all old papers? Are you keeping color schemes. What about space-planning? And accessory placement needs to be addressed.

A needed purge must take place, no matter what the project. In an office you have to go thru files, office supplies, all office drawers, furniture and even your e-mail. Purging has been turned into a holiday among the Japanese. It takes place at the end of each year. This way, you do not bring “dirt” from the prior year into the new one.

School children also participate with a thorough purging of papers that are old and they also clean out their desks.

This makes the space healthy for individual occupants. People get sick less. It increases productivity. It promotes job efficiency. And it saves on energy.

Healthy Modern Office Design

When one considers all the aspects that goes into designing or remodeling an office space, usually the “green” or “health” of the space is not thought of in the top ten list of items to be concerned with.

However, there happens to actually be a science that is devoted to the health of office buildings? Did you know that?

The study of the life of a eco-friendly building goes back to the early days of the 1950s, just after the great war WWII. At that time fast, non-expensive construction was very popular. Occupants of tract homes and office buildings became sick for no apparent reason.

But, the cause was found to be from the toxins and the chemicals utilized in the building materials, such as plastics, nylons, polyesters, veneers, and textiles. Also air-tight construction methods did not allow for proper and sufficient ventilation.
bau biology
So, how does bau-biology (i.e. science to create healthy homes and offices) play into modern day office design?

Well, designing a space that is considerate of the health of the individual occupants not only reduces sick days, but helps increase on the job productivity and on the job efficiency — not to mention how it saves energy costs!

Reopening Medical Facilities Closed Due to Extensive Water Damage

During a natural disaster, many medical facilities may suffer water damage. Some may have water standing an extended period of time because of this flooding. Building structures may be contaminated heavily with mold and mold spores.

Before reopening, medical facilities like must be inspected to determine the extent of the damage and to access if the facility may be restored.water-recovery

Once the decision is made to repair the property, all materials damaged and contaminated items must be removed. Salvageable items on the other hand can be dried and restored to safe function.

To restore a medical facility such as to full operation is a complex task, requiring the help of professionals trained in remediation work to complete the job.

Once restoration work is finished and the facility is returned and ready for service, subsequent inspections of the remediated property will be needed to identify any mold growth. If there is mold, removal measures will be necessary.

The information contained in this blog is intended to assist medical facilities with the clean-up and reopening job ahead of them.

Links to recommended sites online from governmental bodies and other important agencies are provided, such as

I hope you find this content useful in reopening your medical facility that may have been closed due to extensive water damage.